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America Homecare Inc. is an authorized CDPAP provider, helping our senior population and people with disabilities to regain control of their own lives. They can self-direct their home health care needs by allowing their family members or a friend to care for them at the comfort of their home. America Homecare Inc. is one of the Top Rated and Highest Paying CDPAP FI Providers in New York State and proudly serving our members to get the understanding of the CDPAP program to better serve their needs.

America HomeCare Inc offers in-home care services though Medicaid-funded CDPAP program.



About America Homecare

America Homecare Inc. was established to help you navigate through complexity of healthcare reforms and reclaim the right to health, happiness and independence on your own terms. We help you understand what’s possible and what’s available for you. We make Free enrolling easy and quick by providing you with a team of professionals and industry experts that will make sure your enrollment goes as smooth as possible.

America Homecare CDPAP program allows Medicaid consumers to control their own home health needs by allowing them self-direct their own health care assistants and manage their recruitment or training.

We are proud to serving our members in the areas of Amherst, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Depew, Green Island, Lancaster and Tonawanda and helping them understand all available options!

CDAP- Are You Eligible?

What is CDAP?

The “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program,” or CDPAP, helps Medicaid recipients regain control of their own home health needs. CDPAP allows Medicaid consumers to self-direct their own home health care, giving them control of recruiting, hiring and training their own personal assistants

Are any Certificates Needed?

The only qualification necessary for personal assistants is that they must be legally able to work in the United States.

What Kind of Care can Be provided?

Personal assistants can assist you in many ways, from personal care to household tasks, as well as provide skilled nursing services, such as injections, wound care, etc.

Who can I hire as a caregiver?

Consumers are able to hire almost anyone, from family members to neighbors and friends (excluding designated representatives and spouses).

Who Pays CDAP?

Medicaid pays for this service. American Homecare simply acts as a fiscal intermediary, meaning we will be the ones processing all of the billing and payroll for you.

How Do I enroll In CDAP?

Our care advisors and specialists will answer any and all questions you have about CDPAP and they will walk you through the enrollment process. You can call us today at 716-288-9300 or you can simply fill out the form below. A care specialist will reach out to you shortly and help you begin the enrollment process.

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