Caregiver Tips for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

alzheimer's care tips
Feb 14, 2020
Last updated on Sep 14, 2023
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Caregiver Tips for Alzheimer’s and Dementia | America Homecare

Alzheimer’s disease is also known as dementia and is a progressive disease that destroys the patient’s brain cells. It affects their memory, behavior, and thoughts. The proper caregiver can provide the best care with our Alzheimer’s care tips.

If you are a home caregiver who has to tend to someone with Alzheimer’s disease, your role is essential. It will only increase as the disease progresses.


Here are some of the Alzheimer’s care tips that’ll help you.


  1. Reduce their frustrations

    People who have dementia tend to become agitated when simple tasks become difficult. Try to limit their challenges and ease their frustration.

  2. Be flexible

    Over time, the patient with Alzheimer’s disease will become more dependent. Be flexible and adapt your expectations and routine according to their needs.

  3. Create a safe environment

    Alzheimer’s disease impairs the patient’s judgment and problem-solving ability while increasing their risk of injury. Try your best to keep them in a safe environment.

  4. Focus on individualized care

    Each patient with Alzheimer’s disease experiences the symptoms and progression differently.

  5. Promote ongoing communication

    Alzheimer’s disease significantly affects a person’s ability to communicate effectively with others. They may find difficulty interpreting specific words or remembering them, so do your best to promote ongoing communication.

We also covered caregiving tips for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. If you would like to see that post, click here.


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