Caregiver House Sanitizing Guide

caregiver house cleaning guide
Mar 27, 2020
Last updated on Sep 14, 2023
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Caregiver House Sanitizing Guide | America Homecare

With cold and flu season in full effect, essential jobs like caregivers are extremely vulnerable. Last week, we covered a guide to proper hand washing to help prevent the spread of germs. Today, we have provided a caregiver house sanitizing guide with some tips but anyone can find this beneficial.

As a caregiver, you are responsible to make sure that your client’s (and yours, as well!) personal space is clean and sanitized. Caregivers are expected to clean and prepare the bed, mop up spills, and make sure that the bathroom, floors, appliances, etc. are always clean and sanitized.

Keeping your house or client’s house clean as a caregiver can be overwhelming, especially when you have a hundred things to do all the day. This is why it is helpful to create a list of products to use while cleaning and make your cleaning tasks handier.


Here are some products that you must have to clean your house or client’s house clean as a caregiver:

  • Microfiber cloths for cleaning surfaces
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Latex gloves for hand protection
  • Baking soda to clean grease build up in kitchen
  • Separate vacuum cleaner to clean soft furnishings
  • Disinfectant spray bottle
  • Toothbrush for small, tight spaces
  • Toilet brush
  • Broom
  • Bucket
  • All-purpose cleaner


house cleaning checklist



There are lots of hidden places in your home or client’s home that hold germs. As a caregiver, make sure you do your best to ensure these places are regularly cleaned.


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