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caregiving interview tips
Oct 23, 2020
Last updated on Sep 14, 2023
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Caregiving Interview Tips! | America Homecare

If you are searching for a job as a caregiver or personal assistant, then these caregiving interview tips will be a big help! It is important that you’re not thinking of caregiving interviews as a regular interview. You’re more than likely have to be dealing with family or close friends of a person who needs assistance so it’s more personal than a regular 9 to 5 job.

To get better prepared, it will help to know these tips beforehand, whether the interview is phone-only or in-person.

Phone Interviews: Research the Employer

If an employer or family likes your application/profile, a phone interview is usually scheduled before an in-person one. Look at their online profile, if there is one. Phone interview checklist:

  • Services you offer
  • Salary requirements
  • Non-negotiables
  • References

You should be prepared to discuss or explain those listed items in your phone interview. Give as much information as you can!

In-person Interviews: Arrive Early & Prepared

When the in-person (or video chat) interview finally comes, it will more likely be more casual than your average interview. You should still dress professionally, but comfortably, as the in-person interviews may take place in the client’s home or a public place.

Arriving early shows employers that you are serious about the role. You should also plan to spend more time than you had scheduled for the interview. Have the family’s contact information handy so you aren’t lost if the interview takes place in a home. Bring your portfolio which may include the following:

  • Your resume or CV
  • Certifications or proof of education
  • Full names of references with updated contact information
  • Printed background checks

Introduce yourself to the family, be friendly, and let the conversation ease into the interviewing process. Try to determine if your personality will mesh with the family, too, by getting to know each other before getting deep in the interview.

What You May Be Asked in Your Interview

These are some sample questions that families or caregiving companies may ask during your interview. Be prepared to answer them and practice speaking or explaining them. This list may not include every possible question but it covers a broad amount of employers’ interview topics. You can always ask for clarifications and followups in the interviewing process. We’ve included handy infographics featuring each section of questions to either save or print for easy rehearsal!

sample caregiving experience questions

Sample Experience Questions:

  • What’s your experience working with children/pets/seniors/etc?
  • At what age did you start caregiving?
  • What age ranges do you have experience working with?
  • Is there a preferred age or type of person/pet that you are most comfortable working with? Why?

Sample Activities Questions:

  • What activities do you like doing with kids/pets/seniors?
  • Are you willing to go on short outings nearby? (e.g., to parks, museums, etc.)
  • What activities did you enjoy growing up?
  • What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
sample caregiving activity questions
sample caregiving discipline questions

Sample Discipline Questions:

  • How do you comfort and discipline children or pets?
  • Are you comfortable enforcing routines?
  • Have you had problems in the past following parents’ preferences in terms of discipline?
  • Have you had a difficult caregiving moment? How did you handle the situation?

Sample Safety Questions:

  • Have you ever had to handle an emergency?
  • Are you CPR-certified? Do you have a basic understanding of first-aid skills?
  • Have you ever worked with children or seniors with allergies?
  • Would you be willing to do a background check?
sample caregiving safety questions

What to Ask in Your Interview

A list of your own questions can help you be better prepared for the role. The more details you get of the job, the better you can determine if it is good fit for you. A very important tip is to have your top questions printed or handy so you can check them off as you go.

Sample Family Questions:

  • Should I be aware of any religious, political, or cultural preferences?
  • How does your family handle discipline issues (time out, grounding, etc.)?
  • How do you expect me to discipline? At what point should I contact you if a disciplinary issue arises?
  • What are your rules for screen time or talking on the phone?
sample caregiving family questions

Sample Role Questions:

  • Can you walk me through a typical day? What are your family routines and who is involved?
  • How many hours per week would you want me to work?
  • What do you expect of me? Will I cook meals/do housework/wash clothes/provide homework help?
  • Are you open to me taking your child/pet/senior to local parks or playgrounds, or would you prefer we stay at your house?
  • Will you provide “petty cash” for fun experiences/outings, or do you provide reimbursements?
  • What resources and contacts do you have if there is an emergency?
sample caregiver role questions

Sample Client Questions:

  • Are there any medical conditions, such as asthma or allergies? Are they on any medications?
  • Does your child have any chores and responsibilities?
  • What are favorite activities, books, and toys?
  • Does your child have any nicknames or imaginary friends?
  • Is there anything that frightens your child/pet/senior?
  • Are there any unusual habits? Should I try to help them break that habit?
  • Is there any behavior you would like me to reinforce?
  • Should I pay special attention to certain issues, such as sharing or playing with others?
  • What sorts of behavioral issues arise, like tantrums or dog aggression, and when?
sample caregiving client questions

After the Interview

When the interview is finished, don’t wait around for too long to hear back from the employer. Send a small thank you email, thanking them for their time, instead. Include any extra details if the employer asked in the message, too. Keep the email short but courteous with a line like “I look forward to hearing from you”.

Then, keep applying to other positions you believe you are a good fit. Having multiple interviews will help develop your skills. If you aren’t hired, it’s not the end of the world. It just means the situation wasn’t the best fit.

If you are hired, be sure to get a contract of all your responsibilities, schedule, and pay. And don’t forget, America Homecare is hiring!

syracuse cargiving jobs

Our Syracuse office is located at 5710 Commons Park Drive East Syracuse NY, 13057.

Give us a call or leave a message at 315-937-1888.

Email is syracuse (at)

Stay safe and remember to wear your mask!

America Homecare Inc has been a leader in providing CDPAP to Western New York. We are one of the highest paying and top-rated CDPAP FI Providers in New York State. Because of our success in Western New York, we are able to expand and create a new office in Syracuse!

Don’t forget that we are hiring for our Syracuse office. These positions include caregivers, companions, and recruiters. You can apply via our form on the Apply Today page.

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