Caring for People Living with Mental Illnesses

caring for people living with mental illnesses
Mar 06, 2020
Last updated on Sep 14, 2023
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When you take up the role of caring for people living with mental illnesses, it is not an easy task. Some of the common tips that you can keep in mind are mentioned below for your reference.

Do Your Research

When you are caring for a person living with mental illnesses, do your research. As a start you need to find out about the client’s history, know their prescriptions and any side effects. In case the client needs any medical attention, please encourage them to go to a relevant doctor at the earliest. If they are already going to one, please ensure you do a regular assessment of their illness. Understand more about the emergencies, including where the person may become agitated or aggressive, and learn to handle it well.


Offer Your Support

Provide your support and care for the client as they need it the most. Be a friend and communicate with them politely. Do not threaten their feelings or cause any stress by being judgmental. Also, be careful to provide them their personal space when they need it.

Do not have physical contact unless they ask it from you.


Practice Self-Care

Finally, take care of yourself and recharge regularly. While caring for people living with mental illnesses, ensure that you spend time on things you love. Keep up your daily routine as much as you can, and don’t compromise your own safety.


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