hiring help

Oct 07, 2021
2 mins read

Flex for Checks

America Homecare Inc. has partnered with Nevvon’s Flex for Checks program to better serve our caregivers and clients! Complete the program in just THREE ...
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caregiving interview tips
Oct 23, 2020
5 mins read

Caregiving Interview Tips!

Caregiving Interview Tips! | America Homecare If you are searching for a job as a caregiver or personal assistant, then these caregiving ...
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syracuse america homecare
Oct 07, 2020
2 mins read

Syracuse Caregiving Jobs

It’s been a long time coming, but our office in Syracuse, New York is finally open! To help better serve caregivers ...
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care plan
Sep 25, 2020
2 mins read

Family Care Plan

What Is a Care Plan? A care plan is a form or document that summarizes a person’s health conditions and current ...
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free personal assistant apps
Aug 07, 2020
5 mins read

Free Personal Assistant Apps

Free Personal Assistant Apps | America Homecare This blog post will provide you with some information on a few free personal assistant ...
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Senior Care Emergency Checklist
Jul 30, 2020
2 mins read

Senior Care Emergency Checklist

Senior Care Emergency Checklist | America Homecare A senior care emergency checklist is a list of essential information and contacts in the ...
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senior summer safety tips
Jul 24, 2020
4 mins read

Senior Summer Safety Tips

Senior Summer Safety Tips | America Homecare Excessive heat and the sun can be a health risk for seniors. Without proper precautions, ...
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easy and healthy meals for seniors
Jul 17, 2020
6 mins read

Easy and Healthy Meals for Seniors

Easy and Healthy Meals for Seniors | America Homecare Healthy meals are super important for seniors and the elderly. Cooking easy and ...
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Make Your Home Safe for Seniors
Jul 08, 2020
3 mins read

How to Make Your Home Safe for Seniors

How to Make Your Home Safe for Seniors | America Homecare As people get older, they face new challenges in their home ...
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disinfection guide
Jun 26, 2020
5 mins read

Home Cleaning and Disinfection Guide

Home Cleaning and Disinfection Guide | America Homecare We had briefly covered a caregiver housecleaning guide in a previous post. In this ...
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